Leadership in the Flat World

Leadership is about the business of creating hope, possibility and future” – Fred Luthans

The twin factors of Globalisation and Information Technology Revolution are creating a New World Order which is much more dynamic, ambiguous and uncertain than experienced in any previous era. Knowledge competences from various corners of the World collaborate to challenge Status quo, initiate Disruptive Innovations, and create ‘Blue Oceans’. Need of the hour for Organisations is enlightened Leadership across various levels who can reinvent Strategies and retool Approaches to stay ahead in this dynamic environment. Appropriate Leadership Competencies for every level holds the key to success. 

The Kalypso Leadership Development Module is focused on the competencies essential for the ‘New World Order’. The module can be conducted either as an Outbound Experiential Module conducted in Camps or Resorts or as an Indoor Module (utilizing the Experiential Methodology) in Resorts/Hotels/other suitable locations. (Leadership Workshops are conducted regularly. For an overview, please click here and mail us for details / registration.)

The specific curriculum would depend on the Training Need, the profile of participants and the time available. The programme could be for duration of one to three days and would normally encompass the following: 

(a)   Defining ‘Leadership’

(b)   Understanding the ‘Leader Vs Manager’  concept

(c)   The ‘New World Order’ – Systems Thinking Context

(d)  Determining appropriate Leadership Competencies

(e)   Developing Competencies

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We look forward to bringing out the best in your peopleKalypso Training offers you an unmatched experience which will radically improve the Group Dynamics at your company and provide the setting for a quantum leap.

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