Globalisation, Information Technology Revolution and Urbanisation   have pushed today's teenagers into a highly competitive environment where academic progress has become more or less the only criteria for determining success.

In order to focus on the  aspects of Character and Personality Development, Kalypso Training has brought to Kerala a radically different and thoroughly enjoyable Youth Development Programme designed for children between 15 to 20 years age. It is a programme which is based on Fun and Adventure, but lots of learning as well. It has the ingredients to nurture and give direction to the young minds.

The standard programme is a 3 nights/4days programme at the Kalypso Training Camp near Munnar. Children live in tents on a hilltop, trek hills, camp out overnight, build rafts to cross rivers and experience a wide range of adventure skills like rappelling and river crossing on ropes. In addition, number of fun based games and activities liven up every moment they spend at Kalypso. Every now and then, experienced trainers help the children to discover and acquire valuable knowledge from these activities. The activities are carried out under the supervision of ex- Defence Officers ensuring strict compliance with all safety measures.

The programmes instill Team spirit, Leadership qualities, self confidence, communication skill and bring about a dramatic improvement in the manner in which they face any situation in life.

The Kalypso Youth development Camp is a memorable experience which is not only exciting but also a valuable learning process effective all through life.