During the Kalypso Experiential Training Programme , the participants live in well maintained tents, trek hills, camp out overnight, build rafts to cross rivers and participate in a wide array of fun and adventure based activities and games. An ideal programme is a  2 nights / 3 days programme which can suitably encompass adequate activities. These activities involve strong Team Building, effective Communication and a range of important skills required of Leaders, Managers and Team Members. Our camps are situated in salubrious climes ideal for training, deep reflection and adventure.


Raft Building. Can we make a raft with bamboos and drums and actually cross a river using the raft?  The participants, formed in different teams, are asked to design, build and operate a raft with limited resources which are available. The market forces of supply, demand and prices are built into the scenario. The activity focuses on brain storming, idea generation, identification of strengths of individual team members, leadership, managerial skill, communication and strong team cohesion.

Spider Web.  Imagine getting through few ropes tied like a spider's web. The challenge in this activity is not really the physical strength, but raising the team to an extraordinary level of trust, planning, communication and coordination. 

River Crossing.  Crossing a river by monkey crawling on a rope tied above it may sound a daunting task, even with the proper gear. But at the Kalypso Camp, all individuals, irrespective of their physical fitness or gender are able to do it with ease due to the enthusiasm, determination and the bonding achieved by the team.  

Catapult. Make a free standing structure and launch a ball 25 metres. Innovation and optimizing the strengths of the team are the key to achieving this task.