While application of technical knowledge can be trained on machines and simulators, practical training in Behavioural Sciences is severely limited. Though Case studies, Role Play etc attempt to bridge the gap to an extent, they are constrained by lack of reality, limited involvement and several other factors. At Kalypso Training, we have programmes tailor made to suit the academic fraternity, facilitating experiences through activities and games to get a practical insight to 'Behavioural Sciences' and 'Group Dynamics'.

Our carefully and logically designed activities help students to reflect upon the experiences, conceptualise desired responses and experiment in future experiences. The programmes bring about dramatic changes in Individual behavioural patterns and Team processes in addition to reinforcing the theories and principles studied in the class rooms.

The standard programme involves a 2 nights/ 3 days programme at the scenic Kalypso training Camp near Munnar. (Duration and Location can be amended to suit the client) Participants live in tents, trek hills to camp out overnight, build rafts to cross rivers and involve themselves in a wide range of experiential exercises. Fun and Adventure based outdoor activities which emphasise 'Team Cohesion', 'Managerial and Leadership Skill', and 'Communication and Interpersonal Skill' help individuals to discover knowledge, bring about constructive changes in behaviour, and commit themselves to a recurring learning cycle. Experienced trainers facilitate the learning process and help participants to understand as to how the knowledge acquired can be effectively applied for overall development.

The Kalypso Training Programme would be of immense benefit to all Professional College students, particularly those practising Management studies. The programme takes the participants through a memorable experience filled with fun and learning, reinforces their understanding of Behavioural Sciences and Management, sharpens their skills, and brings about a radical transformation in their attitude and functioning.