Large Group Intervention

The Flat World, The Flat Organisations, Matrix Structures, Project Teams and a stream of other dramatic developments in todayís business environment has necessitated a Team Strategy which needs Communication across all levels, thorough understanding of various Cultures and Unity in Diversity.  

Kalypso Large Group Interventions are designed to focus on collaboration of Parts for the shared vision of Whole. The focus is to leverage the perceived disadvantages to the Organisationís advantage by reinventing strategies and retooling approaches. 

The activities are fun all the way, yet respect for each other is stressed, perceptional differences are understood and Synergise, Compete and Collaborate to maximize output becomes the unified objective.  

The programme runs through a whole day from morning to evening, with fruitful discussions after every activity, a pre lunch review by the whole group and thorough inter group interpretations  along with a detailed debrief at closure. 

The Kalypso Large Group Intervention can also be integrated with Review Conferences and Strategic Meetings to generate innovative approaches and excellent Team Synergy


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