One Day Team Building Programme

 In this era of intense competition and stressful work schedule, tension, anger and conflicts are on the rise, routine works lead to boredom and complacency, and therefore, Organisations need to reinvent team strategies to sustain Learning Cycle and Innovation.

 Kalypso One Day Team Building Programme aims to bring about a radical transformation in a Team through a logically planned programme. An action filled day at an exotic outdoor location take participants through Concepts, Fun filled activities, Adventure and Mental Challenges. While the activities are fun all the way, the participants also transform themselves to develop effective team processes to generate new ideas, face uncertainties, manage ambiguities and think out of the box.

 It is an action filled day with activities all through the day from morning to evening, energy, enthusiasm and creativity permeates through all levels, and bonding, belongingness and unity get stressed and reinforced time and again.

 The Kalypso One Day Team Building Programme is usually conducted at an exotic island location near Cochin. It can also be conducted at a hill station near Trivandrum, at a resort at Idukki or at any other suitable location chosen by the client.


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