The Tough Gets Going

(The Ultimate Corporate Challenge)

Pandavas learnt the art of war in jungles, Newton thought of gravity when apple fell on his head, Archimedes initiated buoyancy in a lake and Edwin Land conceptualized instant photography while on the beach with his daughter. History has numerous examples when creativity, innovation, learning and development originated while synergizing mental and physical acts. And on many an occasion, the tougher you push, both physically and mentally, greater the result. Military all over the world base the training of the Special Forces on the concept that ‘Man is capable of doing much more than what he thinks he can’.  

The Kalypso ‘Tough get Going’ programme is based on the concept that when teams are pushed to physical and mental limits through carefully planned adventure activities, they realise the immense potential that is dormant in every individual and the gigantic results that can be delivered by the synchronized strengths of a team.  

The ‘Periyar Odessey’, ‘Summit to Sea’ and ‘The World of Tahrs & Tea’ are specialized Kalypso programmes designed to radically transform teams through adventure based activities which alter Group Dynamics in stressful situations. The ‘Periyar Odessey’ involves a spectacular seven day trek through the rain forests and grasslands of Periyar and beyond through the beautiful spice growing villages of Kerala, jeep safaris, river transfers by wooden canoes and lots of wild life viewing. ‘Summit to Sea’ takes you through adventurous five days of activities trekking along some of the highest areas of the Western Ghats, some vast grass lands and shoals, and rafting down on river Periyar on bamboo rafts viewing thick forests on one side and spice plantations on the other side. ‘The World of Tahrs & Tea’ is a hectic five day programme with treks along areas undisturbed by human dominance, crossing rivers using indigenous rafts, climbing the world’s highest tea estate, moving through serene wilderness and sholas and viewing endangered wild life and endemic birds. 

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